Our Quality

All our seeds are tested by a CFIA-accredited seed laboratory prior to release to ensure lots comply with applicable regulations. We take the utmost care to provide only high grade seeds with the highest germination possible.

The test results and dates of each seed lot are communicated openly on our website and of course on the seed packets.

All our seeds are NON-GMO and chemical free.

Our Packaging

  • High-end material that stands out in the market.

  • Versatile packaging and branding for local hobby and professional markets as well as for export.

  • Packets made of aluminum barrier film and heat-sealed to protect the seeds from relative humidity, water and ultraviolet rays.

  • Resealable bags with zipper to allow users to store seeds safely for later sowing.

  • Seeds are placed inside a translucent glassine bag used as a liner to prevent accidental seed spillage and aid in handling.

Reseller Offer

Ask about our wholesale program

Hortinova is an innovative company in the seed sector with a fresh look at market trends.

We are committed to respecting our partners' requirements and building lasting relationships of trust.

For all inquiries related to products and distribution opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to partner with you and become one of your reliable suppliers.

Our Display

  • If you're looking to combine an effective sales tool with environmentally friendly materials, look no further, as we have exactly what you need.

  • Made 100% from cardboard by a Quebec-based company, this floor display stands out for its lightness compared to metal or wooden displays, making it incredibly convenient to transport.

  • Featuring a capacity of 25 compartments that can hold up to 750 packets, it strikes the perfect balance between functional diversity and captivating aesthetics. Its modular design, both understated and impactful, has been meticulously crafted to grab the consumer's attention. Highly adaptable to different store settings, it transforms into an indispensable asset in the retail space.

  • Once in your possession, you can customize it by assembling your own assortment, thus offering an exceptional variety of species and varieties to your gardening enthusiasts. Rest assured that both amateurs and connoisseurs will be delighted!

Greenhouse Production

Leveraging our global network and partnerships, we take pride in offering innovative seed varieties catering to the growing environment in the medium and high-tech segments.

Our portfolio features high-performance varieties with adapted plant structures and advanced traits, developed to consistently yield high-quality fruits.

Selected for enhanced flavor profiles and reliable, marketable yields, our seeds ensure you meet your commitments across the entire fresh produce value chain.

Open Field Production

When it comes to open field growing, unpredictability is the norm. Growers need to manage their risks with products that balance agronomic traits with the demands of the market.

As an innovative vegetable seed provider with strong global partnerships, we understand the unique needs of open field growers.

Our portfolio delivers reliable varieties with proven qualities to produce beautiful looking, delicious, and nutritious products that consumers love, with added value, and increased grower profitability.