KALY - Open Pollinated Jalapeño Pepper Seeds

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Capsicum annuum 

  • Medium maturity: 70 - 80 days. 
  • Jalapeno type hot pepper. 
  • Medium sized fruits.
  • Fruit length: 7 - 10 cm
  • Fruits turn red at maturity.
  • Open-pollinated seeds.  
  • Natural, Untreated, Non-GMO Seeds. 

GERM: 94%

Start early, in late winter or early spring, to provide the long growing season that peppers need to ripen. Sow two seeds ¼ in (5 mm) deep in small pots or cells, cover lightly with potting mix, water, and germinate at 70°F (21°C) in a heated propagator or on a warm windowsill. Grow on seedlings in warm conditions and transfer into 3½ in (9 cm) pots when about 2 in (5 cm) tall. 

PLANT OUT: Harden off plants gradually before planting them outdoors in early summer. Plant them directly into the ground 12—18in (30—45 cm) apart or into containers or grow bags. Firm the soil around the roots, water well, and protect outdoor plants with cloches on chilly nights.  

WATER AND FEED: Water regularly but avoid overwatering as it degrades flavor. Feed plants in pots with a liquid tomato fertilizer every ten days once fruits set, but only feed those in the soil if growth is poor. Remove the lowest fruit to encourage vigorous, bushy growth. Mist plants under cover to help fruit set and reduce pest problems.  

Peppers take a long time to ripen; pick the first two or three while still green to allow more to form and ripen later.