WHITE DELICACY - Open Pollinated Kohlrabi Seeds

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Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes 

  • Early maturity
  • This variety produces light green bulbs with white flesh.  
  • It is a fast-growing crop, so plants should be transplanted while still young. 
  • White Delicacy can be eaten both raw as well as cooked. 
  • Open-pollinated seeds. 
  • Natural, Untreated, Non-GMO Seeds. 

GERM: 92%

Sow into warm soil in spring, because kohlrabi tend to run to seed (bolt) if sown when it is cold. For an early start in late winter or early spring, sow in cells indoors to transplant outside once the weather becomes milder.  

Sow single seeds ½ in (1 cm) deep into cells filled with seed-starting mix. Water, label, and place on a warm windowsill to germinate. Sow outdoors from early spring until late summer by sprinkling seed thinly along a trench ½ in (1 cm) deep. Cover with mix, water well, and label the row. Sow small quantities in succession every three weeks, in rows 12 in (30 cm) apart, for a continuous crop. 

Harden off seedlings raised indoors once they are 2 in (5 cm) tall and plant them out at 4 in (10 cm) intervals in rows 12 in (30 cm) apart. Thin seedlings sown into the soil to 4 in (10 cm) apart while they are small. Keep the soil free of weeds and water regularly during dry weather. Protect plants with fleece as the weather cools in fall. 

Harvest by cutting the bulb from the root at ground level with a sharp knife. Start pulling kohlrabi from the soil when they reach the size of a ping-pong ball. Small bulbs make the best eating: they are crisp and tender, but will quickly toughen if left to grow larger than a tennis ball. The leaves are also delicious as cooked greens.